Flashings and Cappings

Tile Roof Flashing in Sydney

When installing a roof on a new home or renovating an existing roof on an already established property, one crucial requirement is to prevent water from penetrating any external structural elements such as chimneys, windows, skylights and pipes. By installing flashing at the base of these additions and alterations to the roof, you can reduce the likelihood of moisture making its way into the home. If you want to be certain it’s done right, contact the tile roof flashing professionals at ALL IN ROOFING. With our tile roof flashing installation expertise at the ready, we’ll make your roof as impenetrable to moisture as we can so its structural integrity, and that of any other timber element of the property, remains structurally sound for as long as possible.

Taking Care of Roof Tile Capping and Roof Flashing Sydney Wide

ALL IN ROOFING can take care of all your tile roof flashing and capping installation needs to ensure your roof remains watertight and your home below it has the best opportunity to not succumb to leaking water or unwanted moisture. While tile roof flashing is used to cover gaps that water or moisture could potentially pass through, effectively making the roof watertight, roof tile capping (also known as ridge capping) covers the ridge formed at the peak where the roof surfaces meet. Again, this prevents water from passing through.

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